Crunchboards - KPI/Management reporting software

Proactive not reactive?

What does this even mean? Well let us explain.

Instead of getting to know 3 to 4 months after year end what your tax liability or how much profit you have made, which is historic. Using Crunchboards forecasts what your business will be doing and what profit it will make before your year end has even finished. It’s kinda like Garlic Bread - the future! Good eh?

Yes what does this even mean? Well would you rather know what your tax liability is 12 months before you have to pay it. This even helps you to make a decision of how you can reduce the tax liability before the year end.

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"Fail to plan, plan to fail” Benjamin Franklin

Famous analogy but there is a lot of truth to it. If you don’t have expectations or targets how can we measure a business? This is where Crunchboards can help you to plan and forecast your business and have real time information fed through from your online accounting software to allow you to make important decisions within your business.

As we are Crunchboards partner we have been using it for several years and can assist with set up and training.

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Red Leaf Accountancy has been the perfect find for all our accounting needs, including ongoing business advice and support. I can now see that I was missing some valuable advice as we rarely sat at the table with our previous accountants to discuss business needs.

Paul Evans - Director of Passfm Limited

After hearing about your work with other companies and individuals I had no hesitation in asking you to work on my tax returns. You took control in an extremely efficient and professional manner saving me a great deal of money. You are an excellent accountant but above all an absolute pleasure to deal with.

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